Well trained employees are the key to business succes

The poultry world is changing quickly and businesses need to keep employees skills current in order to be competitive. The Hatchery Academy provides training courses that aim at helping your employees learn specific skills and gain the knowledge necessary to improve their performance in their current roles or to prepare your employees for new roles.

Training your employees is not just about gaining knowledge and learning skills. It also about staying ahead of competitors, retaining employees, attracting new ones more easily, positively challenging your employees and boosting productivity.

Training Programmes

The Hatchery Academy provides specific, practically-oriented training in hatchery management. Our training programmes focus on transferring knowledge, training skills, exchanging experience, and encouraging new behaviour. Challenging lectures alternate with practical cases, exercise, and partnering.

Taylor Made Training

The Hatchery Academy designs customised training programmes. We design training concepts that best match our clients’ objectives and needs. We focus on the design of technical training courses in hatchery management. Our customised programmes can be delivered at a suitable venue in the Netherlands or in-company at your own premises.

Seminar Early Feeding

Prior to the VIV the Hatchery Academy organises a seminar on Early Feeding. This seminar is supported by the VIV, the Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC), and the Dutch branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA).